Our unique PCD tipped drill design ensures a robust tool with unprecedented durability and accuracy. We make drills in a variety of diameters anywhere from .080 to 1.000 inches. Our precise drill point geometry ensures a straight solid cut and the open flute spacing allows for superior chip removal. We provide a variety of drill point angles and flute designs specific for your needs.


Our reamers are designed and built to execute our customers’ needs with perfection. Our larger PCD inserts provide superior durability for our tools and allow the tool to be sharpened more often. From one flute to multiple flutes we guarantee our reamers will fit our customers’ specifications and cut repeatable precise dimensions every time. We offer a variety of styles for reamers; step, double margin, PCD padded, and drill point step with steel or carbide bodies.


With precise dimensioning and unbeatable designs each and every wear part is made to last and built to our customers’ specifications. Using PCD for a contact point extends the life of the wear part 50 – 100 times longer than using other materials. Between wear pads and bearing shoes we are confident that our parts will outlast and outperform any other wear part.

Milling CutterS

Our uniquely designed milling cutters are robust and made with precision. We specialize in customizing all lengths and diameters of end mills with face cutting or side cutting styles. With several different designs we can produce milling cutters for our customers that will last longer and cut better than any other tool.


We specialize in making custom tools of all different forms, shapes, and sizes. Whether your application be radii, trepan, special shapes, or vee forms, we can accommodate your tool. We specially design all cutting angles, PCD grades, and body materials for each individual application to maximize your productivity.